The CBD Blossoms Orange Bud are CBD-rich hemp flowers produced in the greenhouse. The CBD content is 10% and the THC content is below 0.2%. The hemp flowers serve as raw material. The plants are organically grown and are free of any pesticides and herbicides. The carefully selected hemp flowers are rich in CBDa and CBD.

Ingredients: Dried CBD-rich hemp flowers Greenhouse Without seeds (Cannabis Sativa L.)

Aroma: Orange, Citrus, Fruity

CBD & CBDA: 10% THC & THCa: <0.2%

A resinous smell revolving around the pines,  intoxicating aromatic palette with its markers of ripe fruit and its taste of coming back!

Undoubtedly one of our favorite flowers as much for its spectacular appearance as for its sweet and delicious taste and its immediate and intense relaxation effects!

In addition, the flower CBD Wolverine contains a very high rate of CBD.

A carefully selected premium plant phenotype (Plant Genetic Map).

Special care given to the plant during (indoor growth) and after harvest with a special manicure.

A premium CBD flower for your moments of intense relaxation, to be consumed without moderation!

 THC: <0.2%


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