Lumatek controller Panel Plus (HID AND LED)

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Lumatek offers you the Panel Plus Controller, for precise external control of your Lumatek luminaires, drivers and ballasts!


Dual signal digital lighting controller with Lumatek

Lumatek offers you the Panel Plus Controller, for precise external control of your Lumatek luminaires, drivers and ballasts:


The Panel Plus Controller makes it easy to monitor and regulate several important factors in your growing space: starting with temperature , lighting timing and intensity, safety-controlled dimming and ignition.

It is very simple to use: simply connect your Lumatek lights, drivers or ballasts to your Panel Plus controller.

The latter has two channels, being able to control up to 200 luminaires or HID ballasts each with a digital RS485 signal or up to 50 LED drivers with an analogue 0-10V signal, and being able to control luminaires in two independent spaces.Or 400 fixtures in a room with two different light sources. Each channel can control ballasts of the same power, but it is also possible to monitor ballasts of different power. Dimensions : 1128 x 80 x 25 mm Composition

  • 1 Lumatek Plus control panel
  • 1 adapter + power cable
  • 2 temperature sensors with 5 m cable
  • 2 x 5m HID control link cables
  • 2 LED control link cables


  • Dual channel controller (Zone A and Zone B)
  • Controls up to 400 HID ballasts or luminaires (200 per channel)
  • Dimming control (in 1% steps)
  • Light intensity automation
  • Monitoring and control of temperature sensors
  • Simulate sunrise and sunset to reduce plant stress
  • 24h timing and switching of lights
  • Easy to use


Technical characteristics of the Panel Plus Controller:

  • Adapter 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz – DC 5V/2A
  • Power regulation accuracy: 1
  • Power dimming range: 10% – 115%
  • Temperature-controlled safety dimming range: 0°C-40°C
  • Temperature-controlled safety range: 10°C-50°C
  • Sunrise and sunset duration: 0-30 minutes
  • Compatible with: Lumatek controllable HID ballasts and fixtures: 315W, 600W, 630W, 1000W Lumatek controllable LED drivers and fixtures: 90W, 465W, 600W, 1000W
    Dual digital RS485 signal for HID and 0-10V analog protocol for LED


Control up to 400 HID ballasts or fixtures (200 ballasts per channel – Zone A & B)


Control up to 100 LED drivers or fixtures (50 drivers per channel – Zone A & B)


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