Alien haze does what it says on the tin: it’s out of this world! The aroma flowers “Alien Haze” are a type of EU-certified industrial hemp, that is officially listed in the EU official catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species. Like all of our products this one is also pesticide- and herbicide-free. Because we love nature. And CBD. CBD 19% THC 0.2%

Aroma and Appearance

Just like its namesake, the Kryptonite strain boasts a gorgeous lime exterior with streaks of forest, avocado, and seafoam green. Beautifully bright and electrifying, the vibrant nugs can catch anyone’s attention from atop a dispensary’s shelf, brandishing a colorway that makes it look like it fell from an alien plant in a distant universe.

As you ask your friendly neighborhood budtender to take down the jar, you’ll be warmly greeted with the fragrance of spicy sweetness, like cinnamon powder was drizzled all over the nug’s leaves. The woody coffee-esque aroma definitely shines through – an homage to its Mendocino parent strain. But for the most part, citrus and berry take center stage, clouding your olfactories with the delectable scent of ripe fruit and nectar.


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