Jungle cake


Jungle Cake Strain

Plain and simple, Jungle Cake stinks in the best possible way. On the plant, the flowers smell like an actual bakery. Those Girl Scout Cookie genetics shine through and allow for a very rich, robust, and sugary sweet aroma that reminds us of a yellow or vanilla cake. However, the dried flowers take on a different profile. When the flowers dry, they envelop the jar (and whatever room they may be left out in) with a sour, earthy spice typical of many kush and diesel strains. However, those bakery aromas are still there. A deeper inhale will bring notes of creamy sweetness, fruit, and nuttiness forward, leaving you with an ultimately sweet and spicy impression. Some say the new Lava Cake strain has some very similar traits.

Please note: this product does not exceed 0.2% THC content

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