HHC Flower – Blueberry Cookies


HHC Flower Blueberry Cookies

Shop for CBD Flower Ireland’ HHC Flower Blueberry Cookies online in UK & Europe. Legally grown in Spain. Our HHC buds are high-HHC content, and solid.

  • HHC: 26%
  • THC: 0%
  • Hand manicured to perfection
  • No small buds, seeds or leafy material

Our Premium HHC Flower are made by infusing a custom made super strength Dry Sift HHC Kief with our Premium CBD Flower.

Layers of notes: Blueberry Cookies

Sweet cherries and grape, with sour and skunky notes




The flavor profile of blueberry strains traces back to the 1970s, with the creation of the original Blueberry strain by DJ Short.


  Product line reference (HHC): #03


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